Favorite Baby Registry Items

My list of favorite baby registry items from Amazon.com! Of course, tastes change and updates happen throughout the years. Though I do not have children as of yet, researching baby items is one of my guilty pleasures, especially because I have lived with both my niece and nephew for years, so that it has made it easy to observe and to understand their needs.  I wish I could add EVERYTHING from my baby registry here, but since my list contains close to 300 items, I will try to narrow it down to the brands I prefer, and my most important or useful finds. Do click on the names to access their pages on Amazon:

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As an empath, this is often what I do when I do not feel centered and balanced enough to write new poetry: I share past poems that were written in the calm of my own mind by revisiting those old feelings. For empaths, going for trips outside of the home (stores, movie theaters), can often be a challenge that goes as far as blocking inspiration. So I take a break from writing altogether, sometimes going as far as removing myself from social media, and I go back to meditating and reading past writings to reconnect with myself.

I do this because as much as we persons have a lot in common in living this human life, I would never write about others without their expressed written or verbal permission, or without them directly and clearly asking me to write about them. So this is my “you are not balanced enough to write poetry without having someone shocked to read your blog and find that it’s about them” break! This poem I wrote in 2007. I had never experienced it, but I wished to convey what passion would have felt like. For that reason, it sounds more like death than passion, and I may have made some errors writing in Old English (do let me know if you find them so that I may correct them):

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Shallow Star


This poem I wrote while in college at the University of Houston- Downtown. At the time I was part of the acting team, and helped with building and decorating the sets for the O’Kane theater. This was perhaps the most fun I have ever had; acting was perhaps the best outlet for me, because through it I was allowed to change my personality, and to feel the characters as I wished. That aspect of my self was praised in that environment, and I miss that dearly.

I was also one of the theater’s scholarship recipients, which meant I was responsible for washing the dishes every single day. This forced me to socialize, which was great for myself as a shy person. During this time, I met and fell in like with a guy who was a friend, and happened to already be taken. I liked his personality, and it inspired me to write this poem. He was always very kind, understanding, and empathic. During one of our conversations, we concluded that we must have known each other well in a past life, because we had so much in common in so many ways. This poem is not about him, but inspired by him.

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Trusting Yourself


Being clairsentient, being an empath, having a crystal aura… I am here to tell you to trust yourself. The world is so full of advice, so full of happenings, so full of people. But one thing I have learned through my short years on earth, being only 28 years old, is that I need to trust myself. If I can do it, so can you! In my world, sensing things about others can sometimes be a gift since it allows me to connect to persons around me on a perhaps deeper level. However, the danger with being a sensitive is that when you are so, your surroundings cease to see you as a person with your own thoughts and feelings and may turn you into the connection machine that you never asked to be… simply because of your nature.

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Seeing the Child in Yourself (Dating)


Living in this world is difficult as it is: we are beings who were dropped on earth, devoid of any memory of the reasons why we are here, and without a personal “who am I” guide to read along the road. Expectedly, we make mistakes. This post might be more for empaths and persons who are clairsentient, since it is written in my point of view of being hypersensitive, but I do realize that anyone could learn more about themselves through this, as we are all sentient beings. This is a two-step how-to guide for those who wish to know how to restore their self-image when it comes to their love life, without having to die and reincarnate as a new person without sins: 

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