Freedom is to those… (Channeling the Man up There)

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Freedom is to those who dare to listen unafraid to their guides that speak, and that speak loud! Last night, I decided to try my hand at channeling Jesus. Yes, Jesus! Where is Jesus right now? Hahaha! Who knows? Probably in Vegas somewhere, enjoying His life! And I have to say that it is very funny that I feel I may have started to channel Him even earlier in the day without realizing it. This happens to me often, because I tend to answer my questions ahead of time, and I tend to feel my words in advance.

I spent the whole day meditating yesterday and today to make sure I was centered and balanced so that the channel could be clear and not include any other information I could possibly get from my environment. But then, I had a conversation with my mother. It’s not uncommon for me to get kicked out of balance when others’ names are shouted around me. Sadly, I am that good of a channeler that I literally could switch between ten different personalities in under five minutes.

Also, with my nephew being autistic, often feeling agitated and living with me, it does sometimes get disruptive to get into this mind frame. I always find myself having to go back to calming my mind, meditating, and clearing my mind before I start to channel higher consciousness. I may do a channel post for autism, since I do also share a lot of the characteristics of an autistic person with having a crystal aura (only never diagnosed), but that will be another story for another day.  

Last night, before deciding to ask Jesus for guidance, out of the blue during the conversation with my mom I said:

“I do all this for them, I keep warning them of the dangers to come, and I gave so much of myself to them. Yet when it was me, all they did was watch to see how she’s going to fall and laugh. I was completely at peace, before you started to shout all of these names around me. I had a wonderful day, I was completely quiet and meditating, before you agitated me”. 

My mother told me I was paranoid and imagining people against me for no reason. I ended the conversation with her, and went outside for a walk to meditate and then ended up sitting in front of the water. As I sat down, I said “I would like to receive guidance from Jesus”. I then laughed, because I realize I did ask for it, and started to channel Him before even ending that conversation. I see now how annoying I must have been to Him, to have bothered Him when He’s probably trying to rest in peace or enjoy His beer, but I feel He was at least kind enough to answer to me in the nicest way that He possibly could, considering. All this I wrote according to the information that I received. I am sharing it because I feel many more empaths who are alike could benefit from this:

“It is a shame to go through life in the shadow of your full potential, all because the life you chose to live has turned into a closed door you dare not open. Yet water flows where it is allowed to flow. In many circumstances, it no longer is about fighting to be heard, but about having a clear understanding of where you find yourself, so that you may find a way out in the cracks.

No one said it would be easy to be still, and no one said it was easy to close your eyes and to trust that when you do, you do become like water: Liquid, pure, and free to flow where it is natural for it to flow.

I look at you, and I smile. I look at you and I wish to laugh for an eternity. No, your plight is not funny to me. I do understand. What is funny to me is how interesting it is that when you incarnated, you forgot your essence. You forgot where you come from, and you allowed yourself to turn into the water stuck in mud that needs to be squeezed so that you may see yourself clearly… Though no one, no person, is mud. Mud I would call distractions.

What is funny to me, is that the moment you forgot who you are, you limited yourself to an earthly life devoid of a mission to be accomplished. You found yourself enamored by your senses, as though that is all you could ever be. Money, the touch, the kisses, the hobbies, the careers… all of those distractions that keep you from truly connecting to who you are.

I do not give you guidance because you still have not presented me with an issue that needs guidance. So far, you have listened to those distractions. You have allowed them to dictate your words, and your thoughts. So far, you have spent your life chasing after dead leaves that could never amount to anything in the eyes of God.

I will present you with this challenge: spend a whole week without wishing for or wanting anything. Spend the week wishing only to be. Forget about future jobs, or boyfriends, or who is better than whom… spend a week meditating at any free moment that you find. Spend that time ignoring those useless aspects of human life that you call needs: cars, nice clothes, your hair or makeup, whether that guy who did not like you enough moved on or not, whether you will ever get an STD in your lifetime or not, how annoying your sibling is…

So I tell you today, spend a week devoid of wishes and of fears and of shamefulness. Write everything that goes through your mind down during this week in your journal. At the end of the week, tell me how you feel and what you now find important to YOU. And then we will talk again. I say this to you not to be hurtful, but do realize that you are channeling or sensing right now. This is an ability that not many people have. It takes being a powerful soul and it takes selflessness to listen to this extent to words that aren’t yours or that are not idolizing you. I do not want you to get lost in the wrong pursuits, when you could do so much more to help this world.

Repeat after me: “I wish for nothing. I wish for no one. I am not an island, but I am perfectly able to know myself and to love myself. I do need bread and water to survive, but money is not my need. I am here for a reason, and my mission is to uncover it and fulfill it. If money comes, then let it come. If love comes, then let it come. If a family comes, then so be it. But let me flow to where I belong, and let me be where I belong”.




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