Shallow Star

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This poem I wrote while in college at the University of Houston- Downtown. At the time I was part of the acting team, and helped with building and decorating the sets for the O’Kane theater. This was perhaps the most fun I have ever had; acting was perhaps the best outlet for me, because through it I was allowed to change my personality, and to feel the characters as I wished. That aspect of my self was praised in that environment, and I miss that dearly.

I was also one of the theater’s scholarship recipients, which meant I was responsible for washing the dishes every single day. This forced me to socialize, which was great for myself as a shy person. During this time, I met and fell in like with a guy who was a friend, and happened to already be taken. I liked his personality, and it inspired me to write this poem. He was always very kind, understanding, and empathic. During one of our conversations, we concluded that we must have known each other well in a past life, because we had so much in common in so many ways. This poem is not about him, but inspired by him.

The gloomy skies, one chilly night
Was lit of glowing stars
Amused my weary eyes, they did
Soothing my calloused soul

One lonesome beam melted my heart
The darkest one of all
Dreadfully feeble and shallow it seemed
But this was not the case

This beam was just like other stars
However not as bright
Its light buried within, it seemed
Indeed, shun bright as day

One solitary star caught my eye
And at it stole my heart
I find myself fervently waiting
For it to be all mine

Oh mysterious stellar you verily are
You are my only one
You cast light on my cheerless soul
Beget love to my heart

Darling, don’t you see me reaching
For your soft hands tonight?
My cheeks are marked of a trail of tears
You only can erase

Should I wait another eternity
To have your precious love
For you to see my beloved one
Your light deep in my eyes

Kristeen Lagroue 2008



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