Twin Flame Q & A Part I

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With all of the information out there all over the internet about twin flames, it is so easy to get confused about what this type of relationship means, and truly entails. Being a person with a twin flame, I am here to answer all relevant questions related to twin flame relationships. All answers literally come from my own observations through time, that have either supported or refuted my past readings on the topic.

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is the person who is exactly you, but in a different body. You may not be of the same age, gender, or even race. Twin flames are said to have split into two bodies due to lack of space in one body for that soul. This essentially means that those individuals are naturally highly advanced spiritually, they are very old souls, and have a major role to play in transforming the world into God’s vision for humanity by transforming themselves and being themselves. They are married at birth, at the birthday of the youngest twin, who is usually female.Twin flames are not to be confused with identical or fraternal twins. Though these two concepts are similar in that both types of twins find themselves having a strong bond and mental connection, twin flames are more like the exact replica of the “Adam and Eve” story in the bible, whereas twins that are born of the same parents are meant to be siblings, not lovers.

How do you know your twin’s gender?

I know that my twin flame is a male, because I am heterosexual. Even though I feel his thoughts, I will always make those connections while thinking of a man, while he thinks of a woman. I can’t humanly speak in the voice of a man who likes women, and I am not attracted to women. But if you reverse the genders of my words, you’ll understand him. This is to show that to know the gender of your twin flame, trust your sexual orientation, and trust yourself, trust your instincts. No one can tell you who you are just because they sense information around you. That answer should be exactly what your sexual orientation is, and your inner thoughts without the details will match your twin flame’s thoughts.

What are some twin flame abilities?

Twin flames have abilities that will make others wonder if they are of this world, or even human. For example, I have a crystal aura. This means I can tune into anyone (whether human or animal) to understand who they are. Note that this does not mean I do not have a set personality; in contrary, I am extremely stubborn in the person that I am, and I do have my own personal ritual to rebalance and center myself. It does happen that I slip and get sucked into other people’s issues, but I understand it is the nature of who I am and have learned to accept it as just a detail, not a defining part of who I am.Though I may not have all the abilities listed, persons with twin flames will have similar aptitudes: natural channelers, natural healers, empaths, earth angels, mind readers, etc. For myself, channeling a person and their thoughts has become as easy as me saying their name or thinking of them. I often do not know who until I say the name later, but it is a lot of fun. Being blinded as to who I am channeling keeps me accountable, and keeps the information that comes out of my mouth accurate in that it reflects the correct thought patterns. Though I like to keep some information about myself private, I usually answer questions asked of me in advance, which also means that it isn’t easy for me to lie.

How do you know you have a twin flame?

Having a twin flame is extremely obvious. As far as I know, my abilities do not include clairaudience or clairvoyance (though they pop in once in a while when I need them, and I am telepathic), so I always assume that I do not know my twin flame’s name, or what he looks like. I am more likely to sense than to hear, which means I understand him quite well. I am only starting to write about my own experience on the topic now, but I have written in my diaries about him since my teenage years. Overtime, I have noticed certain things that are observable and I will share a few of those instances:If we eat at different times during the day, I will often feel as though I either already ate or ate later than usual. In other words, if I ate at 12 pm and suddenly become obsessed with the thought “ginger ale” and other ideas, I may hear someone say they like ginger ale at 2 pm and at that time, everything will coincide with my thoughts from earlier. It doesn’t mean I didn’t eat, or that he did not; it just means we aren’t on the same eating schedule, yet being so attached means we notice when each of us does certain things like eating.If I am having a conversation while he goes to the gym, or he has a conversation while I go running outside, we will seem to send conflicting messages out in the world and friends and family may get confused as to what is going on. That is especially if one of us goes to sleep, while the other one is still awake. It will seem as though time changes, but it is just perception. We can’t ever go anywhere else, we are always together; therefore, we have no choice but to sense what the other is doing, and even their time zone if they’re traveling (the most painful part, as that is when insomnia, motion sickness, and other issues do arise).Same sadly goes for things like sex, and even masturbation! It is so embarrassing to be in public, and to suddenly register sexual information that doesn’t come from yourself. Sometimes, I wish I could meet him just so we can be in agreement of when we will do certain things, because many of my dates have been sabotaged because of him. We are all energies, and people often sense information, so if he’s watching porn that includes women doing things I would never do, my date will still sense that information and attribute it to me. I stopped dating because of that alone. I have once been asked by a man (as I was sitting calmly and eating right in front of him), why I was having sex with someone else and if he could use a vibrator on me. At first, I was offended and shocked until I realized my twin was either having sex with someone else, or watching porn that had a vibrator involved. And because of this, one more date was ruined! The funniest part of it all is that twin flames I believe, only have sex with each other in the fifth dimension, which is why I feel everything always seems too connected.

This is simply a way of saying: If you have a twin flame, you will not wonder. You’re attached at the hips all the time.

Are twin flames on and off as they say online?

No. Twin flames are always on, never off even if they are not seeing each other. They cannot ignore the other for the life of them, even if they break up. They don’t necessarily need to communicate by phone or through social media, but they are always together. They are essentially going to spend their whole life together, even after the death of one of them, so there is no point in trying to kill each other: they’ll just come back to haunt you!One thing that is important to do is to prepare for such a relationship on a spiritual level to ensure that everything goes smoothly at the twin flame reunion and to prevent any physical on and off issues. If you feel you hate your twin soul, I’d say that maybe you hate yourself, and there’s a lot of work to be done emotionally before you can be ready to be with yourself in a loving relationship.

Q & A to be continued…

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