Twin Flame Q & A Part II

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fullsizeoutput_1a2cTwin flames, my favorite topic! On the last blog post, we explored five questions about twin flames. These questions I’ve answered myself from my own viewpoint of having a twin flame that I have not met as of yet (as far as I am concerned, though I may have). Today, I explore five more questions that I have had in my own search, and to which I had to research and introspect arduously for their answers. After years of meditation and lots of writing, I bring you my insights, so that you may find your own twin flame, and that with a shortcut!


  1. How do others react around twin flames?

    Others’ reactions when I speak of this topic is what sometimes makes me wonder if the world is ready for the twin flame phenomena. My experience with having a twin flame reminds me of the Christopher Columbus story: the twin flame is truly there always, but though everyone else can feel their presence, they’ll try to explain what they sense by speaking of those who are visibly seen with them and similar in personality. It’s not uncommon for me to have been told: “See, you only say this because of my boyfriend who is actually here, so you are just absorbing energy”. I feel this happens when around persons who do not have a twin flame themselves, therefore could never understand what it feels like.

    If the person is proven to exist, the very same people who were critics then become convinced they must have been destined to be with that person, since they essentially know so much about you. This happened in my case, as everyone slowly but surely realized I was telling the truth. This reaction is only natural, because if you know one of them, you know the other; it’s only expected that it would feel unjust to spend so much time with one, to then find out there was another one of them in the gender you’d prefer, whom you still cannot be with. In other words, if one of the twins is your sibling, it means you know your sibling’s spouse; and at the very same time, their spouse is also your sibling. It is one of those situations where you know them but cannot touch them.

    Additionally, twin flames are extremely powerful souls, and their presence itself is always felt. From time to time, I have noticed the tendency of persons to sense that I think of my twin flame by the topics they choose to discuss as I do. Accordingly, I was not surprised when reading blog posts of other women who shared their own experience about the reaction of others when they were physically in close proximity to their twin flame, and described it as very scary. They’ve said they were shocked at just how crazy people could be driven with both their energy around at the same place and time. Essentially, the trick to knowing if you do have a twin flame becomes to partly isolate yourself and to observe if you still have feelings of someone’s presence near you.

  2. Can someone with a crystal aura help me find out who my twin flame is?

    The answer to that is yes. However, if you find yourself believing that you need to have a conversation with someone who has a crystal aura to find out about your twin flame, then you either do not have one, or you need to practice spending more time getting to know yourself. Sure, you may get some details about the person you are looking for, but remember that crystal auras can only make connections from their own standpoint. For example, someone with a crystal aura who speaks French may say to someone else who speaks Spanish: “I feel my future husband speaks my native language, French”.

    The trick is in the feeling, not in the details. So the person may mistakenly look for someone who speaks French, while the whole point was “my native language”.Crystal auras make connections with people they can make a connection with who have similar life stories, or their brain may try to get them to make a connection with the most banal of stories, but their words will always be true for themselves as well; So it is important for everyone to respect their space. My advice is that if you know someone with a crystal aura, ask them to intentionally make a connection for you. Tell them your name, and ask them to specifically channel your twin flame or soulmate, and see if they get anything. Do not go about this behind their back, even if you can. Chances are, that they will be more than willing to help if you ask them directly, so there is no reason not to simply ask.

    Though I do not know my twin flame’s name, one exercise I have started to do has been to call my twin flame by saying or thinking “Kristeen Lagroue’s twin flame” and then to write down anything that comes up to my mind. In finding your twin flame, I would advise to do the same exercise of saying your own full name and then twin flame while asking yourself questions about that person. Write down all your questions, and simply send that information into the cosmos.

    When you feel the need to talk or to write, allow that to happen freely. You might not even notice you’re making a connection for yourself until later when you review your words, and surprisingly realize you’ve answered your own questions. If you do have a twin flame, you should be able to do this very easily. I believe that’s the best way to know more about them, since you will be sure that the information that comes from within will be closer to your truth.

  3. What happens when twin flames meet?

    Twin flames are like two giant magnets that are only truly attracted to each other. If they are each at a different corner of the world, no one may feel it much, though each one of them will have other magnets around them because of how powerful they are. Don’t forget that they are two because they were too large in size to be just one. The twin flame reunion is when these two flames get closer and closer through time. It will feel as though it has already happened, even if it’s only to come since it is felt in advance. This closeness will cause the debris to fall away (emotional baggage, clearing the aura).

    This process takes time, because of how big the magnets are and how much they accumulate throughout their lives. All emotional hurts, traumas, and fears will come up to the surface during this time to then clear away, until they are pure enough for a clean connection. At this point, there is no disconnecting them.

    There is absolutely nothing to fear about this event, since the whole point of twin flames being here is to help humanity grow, so that everyone who is in their vicinity would have reaped from the benefits of being in their presence, to the point of becoming like them in essence. This would cause more and more twin flames to be created for the future, more and more people to be ascended, and more twin flame like relationships to birth.

  4. Why are they said to only have sex with each other?

    Because persons with twin flames can only truly be with one person (only one person is their size and fits them in all the right places), and because the only moment they look forward to is to find each other, everything will pale in comparison to their reunion. It’s not because of the “when was the last time I saw you” everyone seems to believe in, but because they are designed to only be with one person, so they may mirror everything up until that moment, which will essentially mark the start of their own lives.

    Leading up to that moment, their relationship will be mainly telepathic and their sex will occur on the fifth dimension. Though they will feel each other’s presence, those feelings would still not be comparable to the pure event when all has been cleared to let in their love.You’ll notice that your twin flame acts like your exes, because they are always here with you and feel all the emotional baggage around you. Many persons are very familiar with how this type of energy works even if they only sense it, being old souls themselves, therefore do not need an explanation.

    This is why I advise to stop dating for a bit, just to give yourself and your twin flame some time to regroup and clear the energies from your auric field. Give them and yourself some space to breathe if you’re the serial dater type. Give them some time to be themselves by taking a break. I advise this especially to men! Stop having sex for a bit of time with other people if you believe you have a twin flame, and if that relationship is important to you.

    You may be shocked to find out who they are very easily the moment you allow yourself to breathe.As far as the experience of having sex with my twin flame in the third dimension goes, I have not encountered it as of yet even if I’ve already met him, so I would not know what that feels like. I have read that it is a mind blowing and out of this world experience. I may write a post about it if I get to that point, to either support or refute those claims. But at the end of the day, sex should not be the highlight of a relationship, but the icing on the cake.

  5. How do you prepare for a twin flame?

    You prepare for a twin flame relationship by being comfortable by yourself, though this does not mean you need to relinquish all social situations. I say, take yourself out on dates: go to the movies, the restaurant, the park, the beach… alone! Be at ease with the silence of your mind. Ask yourself questions while keeping a journal, and recording all your thoughts. I strongly advise doing guided meditations, as even better than simply being in silence, they allow you to reprogram your mind with positive thinking and affirmations. I also like mantras, binaural beats, and solfeggio tones, but do whatever helps you to get there.

    Essentially, preparing for a twin flame means clearing away all of your baggage, so that a clean connection can be made and remain intact. Or else, the connection may boomerang, because there would still be some iron pieces lurking within. If your twin flame is a sensitive person, you may get the on and off effect, even if you’re always together on the fifth dimension. So be mindful of their person, stay single for a while, meditate, touch base with yourself, love yourself, and acquire a deeper connection with yourself.

    Try touching yourself instead of other people to connect with and prepare for your twin flame… without porn! There is absolutely nothing wrong with pornography. However, if you are trying to make a connection with someone who senses what you do, keep in mind that you may confuse them with porn. Keep that interaction as clean, and self-focused as possible. The man in a male-female couple may also find that the moment he stops dating women, their twin flame will automatically do the same, as the male is usually more dominant in his actions.

Q & A to be continued…

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