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As an empath, this is often what I do when I do not feel centered and balanced enough to write new poetry: I share past poems that were written in the calm of my own mind by revisiting those old feelings. For empaths, going for trips outside of the home (stores, movie theaters), can often be a challenge that goes as far as blocking inspiration. So I take a break from writing altogether, sometimes going as far as removing myself from social media, and I go back to meditating and reading past writings to reconnect with myself.

I do this because as much as we persons have a lot in common in living this human life, I would never write about others without their expressed written or verbal permission, or without them directly and clearly asking me to write about them. So this is my “you are not balanced enough to write poetry without having someone shocked to read your blog and find that it’s about them” break! This poem I wrote in 2007. I had never experienced it, but I wished to convey what passion would have felt like. For that reason, it sounds more like death than passion, and I may have made some errors writing in Old English (do let me know if you find them so that I may correct them):

How can I tell to thee a fire
A fire burning me inside out
Till all that is left of me is dust
That keeps forever a scar of love

A fire! I see it consuming me
I try, I protest, but it grows larger
Wider and stronger, I cannot feel
I cannot see none but it

A fire, this pain is indeed like death
Death, and life, and in between
Seemed by far oh so warm
In the crest of my freezing soul

But fire! Thou camest too close to me
Too close to me, so close to my heart
ô fire why are thou burning me
Of lust and love I cannot control

I shall lament, I shall cry
The skies shall be haunted by my pleasure
The earth shall flood of my endless tears
But fire! Thou shan’t let go of me

I pray thee, hold me boldly close
Till I am dust, and dust I am
Till of my life is none left
Till after you, I demand more

ô fire! I say to thee again
Yes love, I am shouting to thee
With all my strength, all my might
As I die or live, I shall burn of thee

Kristeen Lagroue 2007

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