Set me Free

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Nov 8 2014

Two drops of water oh so pure
Intertwined on a cloud
Skies colored of a golden hue
Sprinkled stardust all around

Stars crossed above and below
Fireworks of dark heavens
Of their lights did the lovers glow
Flowing in so lovely a dance

Pure, translucent and unspoiled
Had you ever seen such wonder?
A twinkle reining over its turmoil
Ever heard happier laughter?

In the heavens, high in the skies
Far from vultures, far from fright
Safely tucked in from all lies
Their mirages were out of sight

The world from there had seemed so far
Why did we jump into this abyss?
I now search for my wondrous star
For the light that brought me peace

A cloud, a dream, that set me free
Verily remains close to my heart
Light of night by day unseen
All because of this false start

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