Virgin Heart

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Virgin heart, blessed art thou virgin heart
Thine life, so light and pure wast born
Into the world thou camest to be, virgin heart
Into the earth, thine heart wast soiled

Virgin heart, blessed is thy purity 
Purity that remaineth thy companion

Purity that protected thine heart of vultures
But not for long my heart, not for long

There cameth the pleasures of life
Tempting thy sweet innocence
And here cometh life’s hardships
Bribing thee and embezzling thee

Nay it wast not very long, virgin heart
That thine heart wast not so virgin anymore
Heart amongst soiled hearts hath provided light
Heart amongst soiled hearts now blended in

Poor heart, do not cry now
Please don’t cry, for one day wilt come
Another virgin heart shalt see life
Other pure hearts shalt brighten yours

Kristeen E Lagroue 2007!

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