Learning to Cope with Being an Empath

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In life, more important than understanding your surroundings is understanding who you are, as no one can truly make a difference in the world without first knowing themselves. This post I write because I know just how difficult it is to have gifts that take time to master, and I am still learning like a baby. Being an empath who is clairsentient and who has a crystal aura… trust me, I get it! But as I go there are some important lessons I have learned, and if someone else is going through that path, this may just be a shortcut for them.

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A Poem

The following is a poem inspired by the policemen I saw standing outside of where I live, which is less than one minute away from the police station. Of course, as usual with my writing, this poem ended up connecting to something related to something else. However these guys were still so attractive that they inspired me to write this in the first place! Just a way of adding humor to attracting their attention.. It is an exaggeration! 

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