A Poem

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The following is a poem inspired by the policemen I saw standing outside of where I live, which is less than one minute away from the police station. Of course, as usual with my writing, this poem ended up connecting to something related to something else. However these guys were still so attractive that they inspired me to write this in the first place! Just a way of adding humor to attracting their attention.. It is an exaggeration! 

Drove with all doors open to open your eyes
Yet you still called me angel from highest skies
Gulped down a sea of turtles to jolt you alive
Yet you ask if I am okay as out of sane I dive

I am an out, law.. shattered it to pieces
The ecstasy of pretense flooded my cells
I hung my sweet life to ring your fire bells
So heavy cuffs, bathe me of dirty steels

I am the lunatic you have yet to capture
Roaming your mind enforced by nurture
Plucking at your thinning patience, my good sir
I’ll trap you in a puzzle to which I am author

I am the lucky feather that whips his motions
Unseen to his eyes, recording his confessions
I ride his mind filled with delicious concoctions
I will consume his love of my own volitions



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