The Meaning of Sacrifice (Jesus)


A few months ago, I attended the Summit University Fire of Initiation. Though the event itself was completely fine, I ended up leaving early when I realized that I could not make a commitment that I would not be able to fulfill. When we look at Jesus, we see sacrifice; a man that came to earth, and gave up his life so that others’ sins would be erased, and so that all debt would be paid off (we are not talking about money here). 

There are many other gurus and ascended masters who came before and after him with the same mission in mind, like Sanat Kumara, whose name means “always a youth”. I attended the seminar so that I could learn more about ascended masters, since this is a topic that I find interesting, but soon enough it dawned on me that they actually expected attendees to follow this path and to be initiated into being ascended masters.

By the way, if I accidentally channeled the man who was said to have sacrificed, then I feel like I just learned that Jesus left and did not accept to sacrifice his life. This would mean the guy had a normal life after all. It just dawned on me after re-reading my post (which was written completely instinctually) that I might have answered my own questions. Forgive me for sounding a bit agitated if I did. Writing this was a fascinating experience to say the very least!

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Go to Therapy, America!


I cannot say this loud enough! The last time I went to therapy before this was in 2010, and I felt as though my previous therapist had done a good enough job to prepare me for life in a few sessions. Sure, she had done a wonderful job, but then life happened and I needed to renew that visit. Had I known her information, I would have gone back to her but then by that time, I had evolved a bit differently in the spiritual sense and I felt as though I needed to find the right therapist. Which brings us to the point of this post! Important things to know when going to therapy.

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