I’ve written several posts on here about twin flames: Twin flame Q & A’s (which I will continue with if I do meet him, and I think I’m close to getting to that point and of maybe meeting my twin ray next year), and also a post about preparing yourself on a mental and emotional level to find your twin flame. Writing as you go is also a good tool in recognizing that person. Today, we’ll discuss how to willfully channel your twin flame so that you can get clues as to who he or she is! That’s the fun part, and the part that creates a telepathic communication where before there could have mostly been static. Today we’ll explore the twin flame schedule, which is a wonderful way of using your own mind to create an intimate relationship with your twin flame; no one else can do it for you, not even me, so dig in!

Also, please note that when it comes to channeling your twin flame, you are not getting private information about them unless they send that to you. One thing that is important to remember when it comes to telepathic communication is that there is a sender and a receiver. One advice I’d also have regarding the twin flame schedule (since I have experienced it), would be to keep that schedule to your free time. Meaning time you are not studying or working.

Why? Imagine you are going to school, and the other one is as well. When you schedule time out of your own time to understand them, you are taking away valuable time you could be using to do your work. You’ll feel tired without knowing why, and some things may look familiar… In an exhausting way. It’s like working double. What I do, is keep my whole time to myself when I am either working on my own projects or studying or working if I work. Then when I feel free to learn more about my twin flame, I use my twin flame schedule to open a communication channel. 

That would be important to remember, because during this time, you would not want information from other people included. If you wish for your twin flame to know more about yourself, that time should be sacred and completely dedicated to communicating with him. So what I would do beforehand: Sage your space, complete some energy clearing meditations to completely clear your space, and then contact your twin flame. You would not invite anyone into your marriage bed, and you wouldn’t take your work with you to a date. That time is completely yours, so make it yours.

The image below shows yourself and your twin flame before a clear connection is established, or a connection that is too sudden or problematic. And this goes back to the idea of seeing twin flames as magnets. Problematic connections could arise from moving too fast, which is why even if I could tell someone who their twin flame is by writing their channeling info or telling them, it wouldn’t be recommended. That connection below is what those online stories are made of: Those persons who do find their twin flame, but get caught up in the physicality of the relationship without first establishing a foundation even before getting closer, who then get into an on and off cycle with their twin ray when everything could have gone smoothly with preparation.

This goes for every kind of relationship a person could have (family, friends, lovers, colleagues), but for twin flames, it is especially important. Why do those problematic relationships happen with twin flames? My guess is: intensity. Two powerful souls find themselves. If they’re attracted to each other, sparks will fly. If they don’t realize what’s happening, they’ll most likely get physical too fast, before clearing their energy field, or washing their hands before touching each other so to say. The sex is said to be crazy mind blowing, which in turn expectedly creates more conflict if you’re not ready for that level of unison and intensity. But what’s also good to remember is that time needed could be one month or two years depending on the work you do to meditate and to remain balanced.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.13.36 PM

In other words, let’s say you do meet your twin flame, but have not established a good routine of clearing your energetic field of your past, your fears, and your environment through meditation? What you’ll get as a result is physical closeness without a clear connection, which ultimately means spiritual distance. The more you put off meditation and spiritual attunement, the more time it will take to be fully present with your twin ray. There is always one twin flame who is the one trying to make things happen… But then again, I may just discover that my other twin has also been blogging or researching about it, so I’ll reserve judgment on that!

So let’s say that you’ve been doing your homework, that you meditate, that you’ve taken a break from intimacy with others, and that you’re ready to find out who your twin flame is? Though it takes time to get what the clues are trying to say to you about this person, one way of channeling your twin flame is to schedule time with them on the fifth dimension. Very very easy once you reach higher realms… I know, why didn’t I say this months ago when I’ve been doing this little exercise since last year? My venus is in Scorpio, I love secrets!!

Here’s what you do: take your diary, and choose a day, or even every day if you have the time for it, and if you won’t go completely crazy with obviously (not just subconsciously) being at two places at once every single day. It doesn’t matter which day it is, because once you let go, the channeling will happen naturally and your mind will automatically follow what you ask.

The example in the image below shows big blocks in schedule, but you can also break it down into minute by minute, and hour by hour schedules to remain connected and have a whole telepathic conversation. So yes, it is THAT simple to know who it is: Be centered, meditate, then write down your schedule. And then more importantly, take note of how you feel during those times and express yourself, especially in writing. This will allow you to paint the picture of who it is. I specifically write my name “Kristeen Lagroue and Twin Flame Communication Schedule” then write out my own name in each of the times allotted to “myself”, and “Kristeen Lagroue’s twin flame” in the time allotted for “my twin flame”. I have a crystal aura, which means I can channel anyone IF I am curious and IF I wish to. But my mind is also very easily programmed by simply writing what I wish to set for that day. Then I write nonstop, and I always get some insight which I think will be crucial later. I don’t need to scream or shout, and sounds do not affect me if I write things down. This goes for anyone who wishes to do this! The more attuned you become, the more you’re able to use your mind to answer your own questions. Will you know it all? No. I make so many mistakes, and a lot of them you’d consider dumb. But I also constantly remind myself that I am not a guru. I am just a normal 28 year old woman who is figuring out life just like everyone else. Anyway, have fun with the schedule. It is truly the best tool ever!

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.53.03 PM

Finally, once you establish a clear telepathic connection with your twin flame (devoid of static on both sides), once you have a clear understanding of who they are, then you can get to the next level which is the “perfect connection” shown below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 1.17.27 PM

By perfect, I am sure you understand what I mean. It basically means that you are both completely present in that relationship, even if only on the fifth dimension. Does it mean it would be romantic in nature? Not necessarily. That is entirely for you both to determine. You can’t switch twin flames, and you cannot trade places with others who aren’t the same exact soul as you. What we can do as human beings is take time to listen to each other and to understand each other since we are all energy. But when it comes to who you are, you always remain within. 

Once you do find your twin flame and are able to have a normal conversation with them, it would be a good time to determine the rules… like letting each other know if you’re dating someone else, this way the other can be prepared emotionally for the influx of energy (if you do not plan on dating your own twin flame). Another good thing to discuss would be when you’re being intimate with yourself or others, because they’ll also feel that.

By the way, that’s another great way of finding them: during their allotted time in your own schedule, touch yourself to the point of orgasm and take your time. In other words, touch yourself to touch your twin flame. He/she would most likely be someone who feels it without knowing why or where it came from. I like having fun with this by even listening to the instant male orgasm frequencies during his time (I am a woman, but he’s a man and that time would be his, so it does have to be specific). I’m not sure it ever had an effect, but I simply do what is recommended and someday, maybe I’ll know if that ever made any difference. 

These are all crucial benefits of finding your twin flame: the fact that you no longer have to be at the mercy of what you don’t understand, simply because you’re feeling each others’ lives. And the fact that you get to be united with the person who is essentially yourself. And at this point, the book of rules is pretty much for you two to determine with time!

I hope these little tools have been helpful for everyone who does have a twin flame, and that they enable you to find your them. It is so easy to do, and I’ll go as far as saying that with just scheduling your twin flame in your time, you will naturally gravitate towards them. It’s just like math: 1+1= 2. If you have 1+ blank= 1 (you with lots of stuff and static). But when you schedule them and input x (them), you get 1+x= 2. X here is a way of substituting 1 so that you can still get the big picture, even if you do not know who it is by name. But your mind will simply tell you. Twin flame connection is already innate, and what you do everyday already affects both of you. Having this kind of clear and “controlled” environment pretty much brings this relationship to the forefront in a clearer way…

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