Yes it is Fall (The Voice of Wisdom)

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Below is communication that I have received when I first started to channel, though I had no idea I was a channeler at the time. It was Fall, on September 3rd 2015, and I was at work on my break. I calmly listened to nature sounds and meditated, when I suddenly felt a block of energy reach me and urge me to write everything down. Later, some of what I wrote I recognized from meditations and writings of others (though only the idea of humans being trees), but I found it fascinating that I could simply sit down, close my eyes, and receive this without any research. Today, as I was preparing to re-share this old post that I had published on Facebook years ago, more and more energy reached me and urged me to add to this.

I find it quite tailored to empaths, who go through life feeling at the mercy of what they feel around them. I thought this was such a great way of explaining what it should look like, and how an empath can grow by accepting and allowing themselves to be, even as connected as they are to other lives. I will add to this, if I feel more that would complete it further:

“Yes it is Fall. But you need to understand the seasons of life, the seasons of the mind. Do you see this tree? Some of its leaves have fallen, a few are golden, and most are still green, while the tree still remains. Do you see the trunk of this same tree? Its hardest, its toughest place? Do you see the leaves that are budding today from the trunk?

So must you see life. Even as you let go of what is no longer or what does not serve you, even as you adapt to maintain your balance, you are also growing new life, and in places you may not have expected. Remember that life is a constant play of seasons that intertwine infinitely, and that there is no beginning and no end. When you let go of how you view your Self, when you let go of your so called limitations, and of how you perceive your surroundings, you become like this tree: one with and eternally open to the light. Simply accepting and being.

But all of this is fluff that you do not need to remember, because you do not need to do anything to get there. You know what the most beautiful and the most important part of this is? The tree never moves itself. It needn’t to. It doesn’t shake its dead leaves off either. It stands still because it knows that all its truth lies within, it is fed by the water and nutrients of the soil where it takes root, and it is grown unto itself along with the sunlight. It expects nothing. It simply is.

Also, do you see this tree and how it differs from many others? Even as it grows, it allows for more life to take root on itself from within. Some trees simply grow, unaware of the lives that surround them, while some others like this one are so fertile that life births from them… One thing that is important to notice from looking at it, is that none of these other lives take away from its own, as yet it grows, and yet it is ever so beautiful.

So must you see yourself, as a tree that nourishes life. To know your true nature and to accept who you are, is to stop holding yourself back from growing into the wondrous person you are meant to be. Be still, let life be life, close your eyes, and trust that deep into your self you already know all the right places to reach to find your way. Follow the sun as you breathe life unto yourself and others who share your consciousness. Remember that even as you notice those who speak through you, they do not, and will never take away from you being yourself or growing into who you are. The key is to accept them, and to let it be.”

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