Time for another taboo topic! Is it possible to give your bae an orgasm without even having to touch him? The answer is a big fat yes, and it is quite easy. I’m a woman who only likes men, though I am certain this would work for all types of couples, gay or straight! Keep in mind, this requires the permission of the person who would be on the “receiving” hand. In addition, these feeling is not related to genitals and have nothing to do with actual sex. It’s more of a braingasm!

Step 1– You’ll need a channeler’s mind. Meaning, you need the ability to turn your own thoughts and feelings off to tune into someone else’s. It is one thing to meditate and to be psychic (the stories never quite change anyway), but it’s another to be a medium. That takes deep acceptance, understanding, and most especially unconditional love. Just how do you attain channeling level? Meditate, listen to classical music and to different frequencies (binaural, solfeggio). Get your mind used to tuning into different frequencies as each has a significance. Don’t forget to always tell yourself which you are listening to: your mind will remember.

You will know you are there (channeler level) when it becomes easy to get your mind to sleep while you are awake, so to say. Once you are in deep meditative trance, you will have the ability to use your subconscious mind for your energy work.

Step 2– Once you have the channeler’s mind turned on (meditative trance), you will need to tune into the energy of the person you’re sending that energy to, or manipulating in a sense. I don’t see this as manipulation since it’s all fun and requires them to be open to it anyway. Take some time to do a guided meditation on releasing all energy that isn’t you first. This will ensure clear and positive energy, and then make sure your space is also clear by using sage. Your room could be the messiest, yet the spiritually cleanest all at once, just because you use sage to “clean” your space energetically. Once you feel clear, simply focus your thoughts on that person. No need to say their name at all.

Step 3– After reaching the meditative state, with your energy completely clear, and your mind focused on the person, listen to binaural beats that are specific to orgasm. At this point, remember your mind would have been trained to attuning to frequencies. It doesn’t matter which, as long as it corresponds to his gender (I am sure you can find it online for free). Listen to the tape while keeping your thoughts focused on your significant other. Obviously, you can add other tools and use your own body if you wish, but remember to always focus your thoughts on that person no matter what you do.

Step X– For those of us who are seasoned channelers and who have learned to set their mind to a wanted frequency, send that energy  without meditating, and without binaural beats. Clear your energy on command (rendering everyone else around neutral), then think “(Name Here), have an orgasm”. Why does this work? By commanding it, you send that energy to them!

So there you go! Very simple and easy steps to putting a big smile on your man’s face by giving him an orgasm, and without all the work that is usually required! One thing I would say is to remember that these steps, as simple as they sound, do take time. Keep practicing and keep listening to binaural beats, and then one day you will see results!

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