If you are forgetful like myself, you’ve probably misplaced your instructions for XXXopoly. I still haven’t played the game, but I somehow mistakenly threw away the instructions years ago. I purchased my board game years ago when I was married, but didn’t realize when I got married that the guy I got married to was frigid and wanted nothing to do with it. Believe it or not, there are men who are so vanilla that they can’t picture themselves doing anything but missionary!

Anywho, my game was collecting dust when I decided to open it, only to realize the instructions were gone! I googled the game instructions to no avail and ended up writing to customer service; I decided to write to them before even needing the game rules, so that when I do need them in the future, I will not find myself going crazy when I decide to play the game. That was the best decision ever, because it took them a while to respond, but I didn’t care because I was not waiting!

This is me preventing the ordeal for someone else. Also, in case you were wondering if you should even purchase this game, I’ve attached several pictures of the board itself along with a few of the cards from each category, since someone actually asked from seeing my “list of favorite toys”. I figured if one person asks, many wonder without wishing to actually ask so why not simply post!


In case you need the Instructions (1) simply click on this file.

As for the game itself, the pictures are as followed. Some of the instructions on the cards are simply hilarious, but that is precisely why the game rules instruct you to remove anything you do not picture yourself doing before you even start the game. So there you go, instructions and pics!!


Boxed Game


The whole board


From Orgasm to S&M Chamber


S&M Chamber to Safe Word


Safe Word to Go to S&M Chamber


Go to S&M Chamber to Orgasm


Erotic Chest Cards


Hot & Heavy Cards


Sexual Spaces

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