How to Move on when You are Still in Love

Moving on in love is a tough topic to tackle, because one solution does not fit all. But as I remember my own journey with letting go, I couldn’t help but feel as though today would be the perfect day for this how-to. Leaving a relationship behind can be as burdensome as a full time job; not only do you find yourself having to come to terms with the reality that things did not work out, you also face having to explain to others what happened and why your pictures together and your “boyfriend pride” have embarrassingly vanished. And even more so, if the ending of your relationship was not what you would’ve wished for, you find yourself having to be without the person you wished to spend more time with. It was that guy you pictured being with, that guy who touched you just the right way, and whose personality simply made your heart sing. How do you let go without losing yourself in the process? Keep breathing, and keep reading, relief is just a few minutes away!


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