Hiking Florida- Apoxee/Owahee Trails

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Florida is not an easy state to go hiking in, and even less South Florida. Why? There aren’t that many hiking trails in south Florida, which means you’d be limited to hiking for just a few hours at most. Despite this, I have decided to hike the state.

This post is a summary of one of my hiking adventures. Keep reading for pictures and videos from that day. I am sure this will convince you to explore Apoxee and Owahee!

It was November 16 2017 at about 8:30 am when I arrived at the Apoxee trail alone, which is located in Boca Raton, Florida. I always hike alone, because I don’t have any other friends who do. I have promised myself to find more hiking buddies, but I absolutely love the experience of hiking in solitude.

On November 16th, just my luck: the Apoxee trail was completely flooded. I persisted, and kept walking until the water reached my thighs and my “waterproof” boots got drenched. I cannot say just how scary this was, especially because of the sounds from critters and other animals that were unseen to me.  I decided to go back to safety, as I also worried about any gators that could easily swim my way and bite my limbs off.


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After getting out of Apoxee, I spoke to a man standing outside, and asked him about the trail’s safety. He said that if I was too afraid of tackling this trail, I could simply walk through the Owahee trail, which was much longer a trail, but relatively dry as compared to Apoxee. And he was right about that, as the Owahee trail was in the open air unlike the Apoxee trail, which resembled a jungle.


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These are even more pictures of the Owahee trail. There were some flooded areas, but with very little water. I once walked through a wet area which got my tennis shoes and feet wet, but they dried pretty quickly:


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It was interesting to see fallen tree branches there towards the second half of the trail, and I am guessing it had a lot to do with the hurricane which had recently hit the state of Florida.


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Close to reaching further towards the end of the trail, I noticed another sign with the Apoxee trail, and wondered if I could actually build up some courage to walk through the flooded area. This is back to the Apoxee trail, which was absolutely breathtaking and colorful. I edited some of the pictures. The bridge was also completely flooded:


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When I got to the end of the bridge into the trail, I found this.. even more flooding. I tried to keep walking, but I could tell early on that it was impossible:


I decided to play it safe and walked back to the bridge. It made for some pretty cool pictures. As you can tell, I was still very sleepy!


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Afterwards, I went back to the Owahee trail and walked to the end. Took a few more pictures in the Owahee trail!


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Finally, the end of the trail. I love this last picture very much.


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The following is a “collage” of five videos. It is an unlisted Youtube video, only viewable here, and of the Owahee trail as I progressed through it.

The natural sounds were absolutely therapeutic in the first one. There were also several persons riding their bikes through the trail, which admittedly made me wish I had one to cruise through the whole thing.

The second short clip was of the Owahee trail. I took a little snack break to observe the trail. One thing I have noticed about this trail that is definitely different from others is that it is right next to the highway, so at first it feels less like a nature walk, and more like crossing the road. But as you progress through it, “civilization” ceases to exist and it becomes so scenic!

The third video of the trail. I believe at this point I was already halfway through it. My back hurt, and my feet hurt. The backpack I carried was not a hiking backpack since I didn’t think it necessary for a day hike, but next time I will definitely bring something more appropriate.

Then video 4 of walking through the bridge. It was wonderful.

The last video of this adventure with some classical music, which sounds absolutely divine when hiking! 

In summary, hiking the Apoxee and Owahee trails was an absolute pleasure. I am looking forward to completing Apoxee in the summer, since it should be much less flooded than it was in November last year. I will definitely also try to take longer videos, because looking back at these, I wished for that memory to last a bit longer as I watched. I recommend this trail along with a good camera, because it is scenic! I finished it at around 1 pm or so, maybe later, but that was mostly because I stopped so many times for pictures, and even to change my pants because of the Apoxee water. I almost fell asleep driving home, because I was that tired, but I did make it home safe!


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