Hiking the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area, and Tree Tops Park

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In South Florida, one great area to go hiking is the Tree Tops Park, which happens to be located right next to the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area, yet another hiking spot. Both trails are located in Davie, Florida.

On the morning of my 29th birthday, December 7th 2017, I decided to…. GO HIKING, of course. And alone as usual! My chosen venue was Tree Tops Park, but on that same day, a man who was walking by recommended the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area which happened to be right by Tree Tops Park. I have been going to Tree Tops for a while on my walks, yet I have never noticed that other hiking trail.

The following pictures will definitely inspire you to get off your butt and get to these parks ASAP!

Bright and early, to the Tree tops park! Enjoy the slide show below:


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The Pine Island Natural Area is absolutely scenic, though most of the trail is in an open area without as many trees as Tree Tops. The trail is very much like in the slideshow below, more like a walk in a park.


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After close to half an hour of walking, the trail ends in front of the street near a neighborhood. Right in front of the park’s entry is a statue of Major William Lauderdale. This was such a great discovery on my birthday!


Next, I walked back to Tree Tops Park for some more hiking. I cannot say enough just how much I love this park! It is so scenic. While there, do not miss the opportunity to explore the viewing tower, as well as the broadwalk. There, you will find a whole population of turtles, tiny and huge. There is also a sign that instructs visitors not to feed the turtles.

One reason why visitors are instructed so comes from the assumption that the turtles will fight over food. The second reason is that feeding them food they would not find in their natural habitat (like bread or chicken) means they become accustomed to being fed by humans, and may starve in your absence if they expect a meal from you.

If you must absolutely feed them, as people do so all the time, stop by your local pet store and purchase turtle food. A good choice would be red shrimp, which they are able to find in their habitat. Feeding them food they would look for makes it less likely for them to wait for humans to feed them. And if you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the baby alligator, seen swimming along with the turtles in the slideshow below!


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