How to Look Like Someone Else Took Your Picture While Hiking

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If you are a loner like myself, you most likely also hike alone! This post is as much about hiking as it is about getting creative with selfies. Now that I am the proud owner of a white Canon Rebel SL2, I no longer need to “look like” someone took my picture. But let’s pretend you only own a phone… how do you look like someone else took your picture and remove all doubt from your viewers that you used a tripod with your phone?

In the picture below, no one would have guessed this was a picture taken by my own self, if the assumption was that it was taken with my iPhone and that it was my only means of taking a picture… Which it was! An idea for those taking pics with their phones:

Step 1: Attach your phone to a tripod, or to a rope of some kind. I used a phone tripod.

Step 2: Set your phone’s camera to a timer, then hang your phone to a tree instead of setting it down, so that it looks like someone literally stood and took your picture as opposed to having a lower one with only setting your tripod down.

Step 3: Wear your headphones as though your phone was in your backpack with you.. that’s just to make sure no one suspects it is a selfie.

Step 4: Get ready for your picture, keep the camera stable, gently touch the button, then run to your spot for the picture. And don’t forget to look extra happy and a little sexy/sweaty!

And voila! You just looked like someone stood in front of you and took a picture of you. That’ll make em’ wonder who the new guy is.


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