How to Move on when You are Still in Love

Moving on in love is a tough topic to tackle, because one solution does not fit all. But as I remember my own journey with letting go, I couldn’t help but feel as though today would be the perfect day for this how-to. Leaving a relationship behind can be as burdensome as a full time job; not only do you find yourself having to come to terms with the reality that things did not work out, you also face having to explain to others what happened and why your pictures together and your “boyfriend pride” have embarrassingly vanished. And even more so, if the ending of your relationship was not what you would’ve wished for, you find yourself having to be without the person you wished to spend more time with. It was that guy you pictured being with, that guy who touched you just the right way, and whose personality simply made your heart sing. How do you let go without losing yourself in the process? Keep breathing, and keep reading, relief is just a few minutes away!


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Signs You are an Empath

An empath can be defined as a person who is sensitive to energy that surrounds them. Being an empath is a wonderful gift, since it does give one a unique perspective on the life that surrounds them… if of course said empath is empowered. Most people who are empaths either have no idea they are, or simply deny it as a way to avoid doing the necessary work to become empowered. I’ve put together a small checklist that will help figure out if you fall into the “empath” category from having lived through it myself. I’ve also included a few pointers on how to deal with each sign.



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XXXopoly Game Instructions

If you are forgetful like myself, you’ve probably misplaced your instructions for XXXopoly. I still haven’t played the game, but I somehow mistakenly threw away the instructions years ago. I purchased my board game years ago when I was married, but didn’t realize when I got married that the guy I got married to was frigid and wanted nothing to do with it. Believe it or not, there are men who are so vanilla that they can’t picture themselves doing anything but missionary!

Anywho, my game was collecting dust when I decided to open it, only to realize the instructions were gone! I googled the game instructions to no avail and ended up writing to customer service; I decided to write to them before even needing the game rules, so that when I do need them in the future, I will not find myself going crazy when I decide to play the game. That was the best decision ever, because it took them a while to respond, but I didn’t care because I was not waiting!

This is me preventing the ordeal for someone else. Also, in case you were wondering if you should even purchase this game, I’ve attached several pictures of the board itself along with a few of the cards from each category, since someone actually asked from seeing my “list of favorite toys”. I figured if one person asks, many wonder without wishing to actually ask so why not simply post!

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Yes it is Fall (The Voice of Wisdom)


Below is communication that I have received when I first started to channel, though I had no idea I was a channeler at the time. It was Fall, on September 3rd 2015, and I was at work on my break. I calmly listened to nature sounds and meditated, when I suddenly felt a block of energy reach me and urge me to write everything down. Later, some of what I wrote I recognized from meditations and writings of others (though only the idea of humans being trees), but I found it fascinating that I could simply sit down, close my eyes, and receive this without any research. Today, as I was preparing to re-share this old post that I had published on Facebook years ago, more and more energy reached me and urged me to add to this.

I find it quite tailored to empaths, who go through life feeling at the mercy of what they feel around them. I thought this was such a great way of explaining what it should look like, and how an empath can grow by accepting and allowing themselves to be, even as connected as they are to other lives. I will add to this, if I feel more that would complete it further:

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Got Hired by the Government?


I’ve read numerous posts about persons who get hired by government agencies, such as the FBI and the CIA, and this is simply a post adding some humor to the topic, as reading these blogs has made me laugh out loud! I do not work for any government agencies, and I am completely self-employed, but if you do get hired by a government agency like the CIA, you would know that it should be kept confidential, “or else” (for your own safety); keep in mind, you should hide it so much that not even a fly should fly by you and know where you have been!

Here are some cover stories you may use.. By the way, I post this because one thing I have also seen all over the internet is that government agents have now become quite obvious in the midst of civilians, especially when they are from Washington, DC.. hence why so many people love to post about how visible they are when they try to camouflage themselves. Yes, it has become more of a joke:

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Release Your Fears



Fears and insecurities have a way of crippling us if we let them. They eat away at our joy, and at our peace, especially when we do not express them openly to resolve them. I will share these tools I have learned during my therapy sessions, just in case it helps someone in the way that it has helped me.

In 2010, I relocated from Texas to Florida and resumed my college education at the Florida International University. My most important anxiety stemmed from the fear of not graduating in a timely manner. As it was, I had already delayed my education a whole semester, to then find out that the degree of Communication I had studied for three years up until that point was not offered at my new school. Needless to say, I imagined that it would take me at least another three years to graduate… I stumbled into my therapist’s office, lamenting that my life was officially over.

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Prep for a Twin Flame Relationship


Last year, and a bit of this year, finding my twin flame had been of very important interest to me. I’m not sure what triggered that search or when it started, and I’m also not sure I will ever find that person, but I have assembled a few resources here for those interested in finding their twin flame. As always, you must align yourself with your higher purpose, because chances are that this alone would be enough to find your twin ray, since you’d be quite the same in your thinking and your actions. I use these terms (twin ray and twin flame) interchangeably, as they essentially mean the same thing.

What happened to my own search? I decided to abandon it. I decided that I am enough; I do not need anyone to complete me, and I am excited about simply living my life. I’m simply not interested in finding love, at all.

A distinction to make is that the twin ray is different from your divine complement, which could be anyone. The divine complement essentially is a mirror who reflects specific aspects of yourself at a certain point in time, then moves on with his/her life as usual. The divine complement is there perhaps to help you learn about yourself, but be very careful not to get carried away by this reflection. If you find yourself taken aback by it, don’t. Simply observe them, and never tell them they are absorbing “your” energy or channeling you, because whose energy is it anyway?

Besides, that action alone would bring forth the worst karma your way sooner or later. Do not forget they are subconsciously being an instrument of the universe, almost like an angel put on your path. Simply observe. I’ve experienced many of these situations; I simply thank God for having sent them in my way, and I do not invade their life thinking that I own it, or that it is about me, simply because they have shown me something useful. 

Now on to our tools for finding your twin ray!

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Learning to Cope with Being an Empath

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.52.02 PM

In life, more important than understanding your surroundings is understanding who you are, as no one can truly make a difference in the world without first knowing themselves. This post I write because I know just how difficult it is to have gifts that take time to master, and I am still learning like a baby. Being an empath who is clairsentient and who has a crystal aura… trust me, I get it! But as I go there are some important lessons I have learned, and if someone else is going through that path, this may just be a shortcut for them.

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A Poem

The following is a poem inspired by the policemen I saw standing outside of where I live, which is less than one minute away from the police station. Of course, as usual with my writing, this poem ended up connecting to something related to something else. However these guys were still so attractive that they inspired me to write this in the first place! Just a way of adding humor to attracting their attention.. It is an exaggeration! 

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I Remember that Day


A word within a word is a little trick you learn to write. A language within the one you know, the one that is uniquely yours. Leave the talking to those who have a voice.. leave the talking to the world outside. Leave the present for those who accept it, and leave the future for those who know that a word written on a blank page, and a thought rising from the crevices of the mind carry emptiness unless we breathe life unto them.

Funny how we are universal, both destroyer and creator, and even nothing at all. Invisible passerby as invisible as the air you need, invisible as the water you crave, as the light that brightens your path. Yes, a word within a word is but a powerful creation. Difficult to comprehend, but a language that is uniquely yours.

Kristeen Lagroue


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