How a Soul Retrieval Saved my Life

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Apoxee trail hike -Kristeen Lagroue

The soul is fragile… amazingly fragile. And the most interesting part about your soul is that you may not even notice that parts of it are missing, until you wake up one day feeling like you blacked out without knowing when it happened. Soul fragmentation usually occurs as a result of trauma, yet I went through 28 years of life not even noticing I was broken to pieces. It took listening to soul retrieval tapes over and over, to see just how much work had to be done before I could feel whole again.

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Quiet Versus Noisy

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Today as I researched, I was surprised to discover men who thought there was something wrong with their girlfriends because said girlfriends were quiet during sex and orgasm. In the forums, some people went as far as advising a man that his girlfriend was either frigid, or not feeling anything. See one forum here:

Yet, in a different article, it was said that the vast majority of women make so much noise during sex with their partner to either boost their partner’s ego, fake an orgasm, or get their partner to have an orgasm faster by turning them on enough for that. See the article here:

Then even more surprising in my research, I found that for single women, one advice given was to make more noise during masturbation to spice up their self-love sessions, because the assumption is that women who are masturbating alone would be quiet, since they’d have no one to impress. See one of the articles here:

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Dream a Little Dream of me

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The human mind is quite intricate, and shockingly multifaceted. I still remember that night, just as though it was yesterday; my dream of a supposed apocalypse, when I was only maybe nine, ten, or eleven. Of course, nowadays we no longer believe in this planet, or world, ending. Nevertheless, as I remembered this dream tonight, I couldn’t help but wish to document it just for the sake of it.

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Prep for a Twin Flame Relationship

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Last year, and a bit of this year, finding my twin flame had been of very important interest to me. I’m not sure what triggered that search or when it started, and I’m also not sure I will ever find that person, but I have assembled a few resources here for those interested in finding their twin flame. As always, you must align yourself with your higher purpose, because chances are that this alone would be enough to find your twin ray, since you’d be quite the same in your thinking and your actions. I use these terms (twin ray and twin flame) interchangeably, as they essentially mean the same thing.

What happened to my own search? I decided to abandon it. I decided that I am enough; I do not need anyone to complete me, and I am excited about simply living my life. I’m simply not interested in finding love, at all.

A distinction to make is that the twin ray is different from your divine complement, which could be anyone. The divine complement essentially is a mirror who reflects specific aspects of yourself at a certain point in time, then moves on with his/her life as usual. The divine complement is there perhaps to help you learn about yourself, but be very careful not to get carried away by this reflection. If you find yourself taken aback by it, don’t. Simply observe them, and never tell them they are absorbing “your” energy or channeling you, because whose energy is it anyway?

Besides, that action alone would bring forth the worst karma your way sooner or later. Do not forget they are subconsciously being an instrument of the universe, almost like an angel put on your path. Simply observe. I’ve experienced many of these situations; I simply thank God for having sent them in my way, and I do not invade their life thinking that I own it, or that it is about me, simply because they have shown me something useful. 

Now on to our tools for finding your twin ray!

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Learning to Cope with Being an Empath

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Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.52.02 PM

In life, more important than understanding your surroundings is understanding who you are, as no one can truly make a difference in the world without first knowing themselves. This post I write because I know just how difficult it is to have gifts that take time to master, and I am still learning like a baby. Being an empath who is clairsentient and who has a crystal aura… trust me, I get it! But as I go there are some important lessons I have learned, and if someone else is going through that path, this may just be a shortcut for them.

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I Remember that Day

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A word within a word is a little trick you learn to write. A language within the one you know, the one that is uniquely yours. Leave the talking to those who have a voice.. leave the talking to the world outside. Leave the present for those who accept it, and leave the future for those who know that a word written on a blank page, and a thought rising from the crevices of the mind carry emptiness unless we breathe life unto them.

Funny how we are universal, both destroyer and creator, and even nothing at all. Invisible passerby as invisible as the air you need, invisible as the water you crave, as the light that brightens your path. Yes, a word within a word is but a powerful creation. Difficult to comprehend, but a language that is uniquely yours.

Kristeen Lagroue


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