Quiet Versus Noisy

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Today as I researched, I was surprised to discover men who thought there was something wrong with their girlfriends because said girlfriends were quiet during sex and orgasm. In the forums, some people went as far as advising a man that his girlfriend was either frigid, or not feeling anything. See one forum here:

Yet, in a different article, it was said that the vast majority of women make so much noise during sex with their partner to either boost their partner’s ego, fake an orgasm, or get their partner to have an orgasm faster by turning them on enough for that. See the article here: 

Then even more surprising in my research, I found that for single women, one advice given was to make more noise during masturbation to spice up their self-love sessions, because the assumption is that women who are masturbating alone would be quiet, since they’d have no one to impress. See one of the articles here: 

So what’s the truth in all this? Keep reading!

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